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Breast Cancer Yoga's
Healthy and Hopeful Lifestyle
Book Series
Breast Cancer Yoga's Healthy and Hopeful Book Series are available in paperback and as downloads. Each book contains specific restorative yoga poses that assist in breast cancer postsurgical recovery, fatigue and lymphedema management. Also included is a breathing exercise, an essential tool for reduction of stress, anxiety and depression. Complementary Therapies are suggested to further enhance healing.

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Yoga Books for Recovery
Breast Cancer Yoga Books - our first therapeutic yoga series for breast cancer recovery, lymphedema management and fatigue. All series will lead you to a clearer understanding on how yoga can replace unhealthy physical and emotional reactions to stress with positive and protective responses. You will learn to process feelings in a healthy way when they surface. Physically your body will begin to heal by using these selected poses, breaths, herbs and oils. Each E-book contains the benefits, purposes and results of 5 yoga poses, one breath, complimentary teas, massage and essential oils. When having all 5 E-books you can create a wide variety of yoga practices, build up a breathing library and explore the complementary offerings of these herbal products.

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